A Legacy Of Dreaming Big
And Investing Wisely

Our founder, Kenneth Schnitzer Sr., was known for dreaming up big ideas, especially in areas where others did not see the potential. That vision led to Kenneth being responsible for developing more than 30 million square feet, including the “city within a city” of Greenway Plaza, Allen Center and the international luxury residences of Villas Del Mar.

Today, our investment team still honors and upholds that same spirit. Always learning and always looking forward, we proudly continue where Kenneth left off: dreaming big.

Schnitzer Sr.


“It was very imaginative. I’d give it an
absolute total A+ for imagination, boldness, nerve and courage.”

Ben Love

Finance banker commenting on Kenneth Schnitzer’s innovative approach to acquiring the property that would become Greenway Plaza

Senterra Means
“Knowledge Of The Earth”

Since our inception in 1989, our investment team operates under the driving idea that good investing is a powerful blend of understanding, planning and innovating.

With every decision, the Senterra team makes it a priority to deeply understand our investments. By understanding the “conditions on the ground” that face each new venture, we learn how to help our investments and our partners succeed.

Now, we are continuing to
build on that legacy.