When We Call Someone A Partner, We Mean It

Our approach is different than most investment groups. Senterra is a real partner to the people we invest in. We care about both the investment and the people involved.

Whether the investment spans decades or only requires a few years of maturation, you will always get the best in resources, analysis and guidance from Senterra. We show a deep commitment to each partnership throughout the business cycle.

We believe the result of a great partnership is
making one plus one equal three; the total
result is greater than the sum of its parts.

David Bruce

President, Senterra LLC

We Can Customize Our Investment Structures

While many investment groups have rigorous “one-size-fits-all” agreements, that’s not our approach. We do have standard investment structures, yet we can also offer more customized investment structures when required.

We are focused on finding what works for both our partners and us. At Senterra we will listen to your specific needs and timeline to find a structure that works for all involved.

Contact us today about an investment or partnership